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Figured it was about time for a new set of family photo’s. 

… Izshevsk M91/30
… Summit .22 Pellet Air Rifle (The Squirrel Slayer)
… Yugo SKS
… Maverick 88 12ga by Mossberg (18.5” BBL)
… DB15 by Diamondback Firearms, ATI collapsing Stock and BSA 4x Scope
… Henry Youth-size .22lr Lever Action

… EAA Windicator, 2” .38spl Snubnose
… J.P. Sauer Western Six .22lr SAA clone
… Arcus 98DA 9mm
… SCCY CPX-2 9mm

And then a bonus family photo of their cousins, the blades



So I came home from school to see my 7 year old sister putting skittles with my antidepressants, I went up to her and asked “Hey what you doing?” She looked at me, smiled and said “Skittles make me happy so I put them with your medicine that makes you happy so you can be extra happy.” That was the cutest thing i’ve ever heard.

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